Traditional Settlement Menir is located 5 km away from the port of Prinos, where there is frequent transportation (ferry boats) to and from Kavala, and 15 km away from the port of Limenas, where there is frequent transportation to and from Keramoti and Kavala.

The closest beaches are within 10 minutes by car where you can meet some of the cleanest and best beaches of the island like: Pahis, Rahoni, Dasilio Prinou.

Thasos is an island that preserves tradition and characteristics of Greek culture. Its civilians are simple, generous, and friendly while they preserve customs that pass through generations. Thassos is wonderful and full of green sceneries island, unique in the Aegean Sea, with rich underground natural resources and a clean sea that surrounds the coast which covers a large part of the island. The different types of beaches the island offers can satisfy all the needs of a guest while there are beaches suitable for entertainment whereas for relaxation and rest. Thassos has a ring road near the coast of the island, uniquely situated for an excursion around the island and through the traditional villages and astonishing sites that you can meet along the way. A tour around the island including a few stops on the way, will not last more than two hours. In the island there are many facilities for sports and recreational activities such as horse-riding, water sports, scuba diving, fishing, mountain biking, trekking, hiking and many more.

How you are going to come

You are going to find useful inormation at the following sites:

Transportation of Thessaloniki city - http://www.oasth.gr

Bus station of Thessaloniki city - http://www.ktelmakedonia.gr/

Trains - http://www.ose.gr

Timetables and rates of Thassos ferries -   http://www.anethferries.gr     http://thassos-ferries.gr/

Airport of Kavala "Alexander the Great" - http://www.hcaa-eleng.gr/greek/airports/kavala/kavala_data_gr.html

But also at http://www.thassos-island.gr/

Φωτογραφίες από το Καζαβίτι (Μικρό και Μεγάλο)

(source: thassos-island.gr)

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