Menir Thassos

Menir Luxury Apartments is a small neighborhood surrounded by three high plant-life hills, in Mikro Kazaviti, a traditional village of Thassos island. Ideal for times of rest and relaxation it is a settlement away from noisy places nevertheless close enough to pubs, bars and busy or not beaches. Here you can come closer to the nature and enjoy some quality moments of your life.


In the Restaurant Menir you can find an exclusive Menu of delicate dishes and a pretty wide variety of wines.



Menir ThassosAdditionally, Traditional Settlement Menir has a brasserie that could at any time please your appetite. Restaurant Menir has a unique menu of delicate dishes of characteristic quality and taste. A great variety of tasteful and carefully chosen wines are added up to our list. After enjoying a dinner you could try one of the delicious desserts together with a well prepared espresso.

Menir Luxury Appartments & Restaurant.
Μικρό Καζαβίτι, Θάσος τηλ: 25930 58270, fax: 2593058271